Time To Do a New Patio Design?

Brisbane Patio Design Options

Patios provide much-needed outside space for the entire family to enjoy in Brisbane.

Summer vacations are finished, the children have returned to school, and you have returned to work.

Have you had the opportunity to enjoy your patio this summer?

Was there sufficient shade?

Was it a great spot to sit and unwind?

Was it really hot and stuffy outside, and staying inside would have been a cooler option?

Or perhaps your present patio or pergola is unattractive and out of date!

The question we’re posing is this: Is your patio in desperate need of an upgrade?

The following query is this: Do you desire an improved patio area for the next round of warm weather?

If you choose to…

Then now is the time to begin designing your patio so that you may enjoy the ideal outside space.

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Patio Roofing Options

Consider the style of patio roofing.

What height did you want it to be, what materials would you like to use, and how would you insulate your patio?

Patio roof designs may be customised to complement your house and lifestyle.

Patios are no longer attached to the side of the house with a low roof, creating a dark and gloomy space in the winter and a hot and stuffy room in the summer.

Let’s boost the roof height to provide enough ventilation, which is something we like.

To assist our clients in selecting the patio roof type.

A flyover roof may be rather stunning, or if you’re looking to create a high vaulted ceiling, the classic pitched roof remains a popular choice.

Remember That you may also mix patio roofing designs to create a pitched section and a flat area.

Area of flat roof.

Then you may choose various roofing materials and finishes, ensuring that your patio not only adds value to your property but also becomes a beloved gathering spot.

Additionally, the roof can be insulated to keep the heat out and give it a complete appearance. Insulation produces a ceiling impression, and it is at this point, a patio may transform into an outdoor room.

It could even have the appearance of an extension.

Insulated roofs are ideal for adding lighting elements and even ceiling fans to help keep you cool.

Keep the air circulating while still enjoying being outside on even the warmest days.

Or perhaps you prefer not to have a permanent roof over your outdoor space.

Perhaps a pergola is a better alternative for you since it provides some shelter from the elements. Maybe the modern style roofing louvres or retractable awnings are more to your liking?

These are an excellent alternative if you have a tiny yard and do not want a patio area to take up the entire space.

the available space

We Are Deck Builders Too!

After you’ve designed the roof, the following step is to decide on the flooring.

We are also skilled Brisbane deck builders at Pergolas Brisbane.

If it is still safe, we may repair an existing deck (if it is still safe) or create a new deck and completely remodel the space.

Decks are ideal for linking outside spaces to the home or for connecting sections within the house.

From the front yard, such as a patio area, to the back yard, like a pool area.

Decks also add significant value to a property and are very easy to maintain if kept clean.

Our deck maintenance suggestions are available here.

At Pergolas Brisbane, we have been building outdoor areas for over 25 years, and we are well-versed in helping you create the perfect patio or pergola that is best suited for your needs and what will work with your property.

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